Hackathon 2019

Department of Information Technology and e-Governance, Government of Jharkhand

Jharkhand Startup Hackathon 2019


DoIT & eGov, Government of Jharkhand, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Innovation Lab and STPI Ranchi in collaboration with their knowledge partner, media partner, radio partner, brings you “Jharkhand Startup Hackathon 2019”. The aim of the hackathon is to provide startups with a platform to showcase their innovative solutions to the Government of Jharkhand

For startups, this would be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage directly with the Government and will open doors to scale their solutions further and mitigate development challenges. The event will allow you to indulge in a non-stop 24-hours coding marathon. You are invited to participate in the hackathon, to build products and solutions under various categories


  • Announcement of Hackathon Challenge through social & print media : 20-May-2019
  • Launch of call of applications for the final set of problem statements related to Govt. focused sectors : 20-May-2019
  • Concept note submission and application deadline : 10-Jun-2019
  • Selecting 50 participant team (1st level screening) : 12-Jun-2019
  • Hackathon (D-Day) : 22-Jun-2019
  • Result Declaration : 23-Jun-2019

Event Objectives

  • To identify, new and disruptive technological innovations for solving the challenges faced by different state departments in IT implementation of the business reforms.
  • The challenge will invite innovative ideas from individuals, startups or business entities to implement solutions using cutting edge new technologies like AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, etc.
  • Startups from different sectors like: education, healthcare, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, governance, cyber security and others will be invited to submit their ideas and solutions.


  1. Innovative IT applications/mobile app for e-Governance and m-governance
  2. Innovative GIS technology in e-Governance
  3. Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities, Safe City Initiative, Smart Housing Initiative
  4. Innovative Health Initiative & m-Health Initiative
  5. Cyber Security: IoT and IT Security Initiative
  6. Innovative citizen centric service using Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning/ Blockchain technology

For the above-mentioned categories, if the participating team is choosing from the below mentioned use cases, the State Government may work with the winners for further solution development and its implementation by deploying the suggested product/service into the system (terms & conditions for which would be finalized at a later stage)

  • Disaster Management : Citizen Service app for advance notice to citizens in high lightning strike zones about possible lightning strikes
  • Home Department : Integration of Prison, Court & Police for criminal identification with multiple records
  • Revenue & Land Reforms : Block chain based land sale/ purchase portal with availability of land records and registration details
  • Transport department : Road accident database management system and predictive analytics to use the data for reducing the occurrence of such incidents


Best project from each problem category shall be given awards of ₹ 1,00,000 (Rupees One lakh).

Total Prize Money : ₹ 6,00,000 (Rupees Six lakhs).


Following are the guidelines for Jharkhand Startup Hackathon 2019 which need to be followed by each participant and team:

  • Teams
  • The hackathon is a team/individual event with the team size limited to a maximum of 3 members. You are welcome to register either as an Individual or with your pre-formed teams.

  • Solution development
  • Your solution, either complete or prototype, must be developed during the Hackathon. You may use open source libraries and other freely available systems / services such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect, Twitter feeds etc.

  • Code Audits
  • All submissions may be subject to a Code Audit to ensure that you are abiding by the above rules.

  • Intellectual Property
  • The intellectual property of your code belongs only to the participants

  • Participation
  • The Hackathon is open and available for pan-India participation.

  • General Rules
    • Participants shall accept full responsibility for their work.
    • No participant shall engage in any malicious/illegal activities which do not adhere to general code of conduct for developers.
    • Participants will be immediately disqualified If they are found indulging in malpractice.
    • Participants shall work to follow professional standards, when available, that are most appropriate for the task at hand, departing from these only when ethically or technically justified.
    • Participants shall ensure adequate testing, debugging, and review of software and related documents on before submission.
    • Participants shall not use software that is obtained or retained either illegally or unethically including use of Team viewer or similar software. Participants will be immediately disqualified if they are found indulging in such practices.
    • Disclose any conflicts of interest that cannot reasonably be avoided or escaped.
    • Any malicious attempt will lead to disqualification.
    • Participants are not allowed to exit the venue until the prize distribution on 23rd June,2019. Special Assistance will be provided on request.
    • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner & Stay for all participants will be provided at the venue.
    • Participants have to bear their own responsibility to safeguard their belongings during the event. In case of any emergency or medical assistance, please reach out to the Help Desk.

Reimbursement and Accommodation

Bring us your ideas & coding skills and we will take care of your comfort!

  • The shortlisted team (max. of 3 members) would be eligible for travel reimbursement of maximum upto INR 10,000(to and fro) by main route from their home station to event venue. The possible modes of transport for this reimbursement could be: Airways (Economy class)/ Railways (AC 3 Tier) / Roadways.
  • A duly filled-in Travel Allowance (TA) Form including journey tickets and Bank account details would be required as a ‘proof’ for the claim. Without any required official documents, no claim will be accepted.
  • No reimbursement of the travel will be permitted in the absence of original travel documents. Transit-Stay will be provided to the shortlisted teams and participants by DoIT & e-Gov., Government of Jharkhand.

Sponsors & Partners


For any queries, contact us at :

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